Raffle Plane Winner

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The winner of the plane raffled at the 2017 Gathering of the Giants is Guilermo Hernadez of Estero, Florida.
Mr. Hernandez bought his raffle ticket at Aviation Day in Fort Myers last year.  Congratulations!

Warbird Fly-In benefits Cape Coral Military Museum

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Proceeds from the Warbird Fun Fly-in on Nov. 12, 2016 were presented to the Cape Coral Military Museum.

Proceeds from the Warbird Fun Fly-in on Nov. 12, 2016 were presented to the Cape Coral Military Museum.

Just to let you know that our Club supports and tries to help our veterans and their endeavors, we had a Warbird fun fly on Nov 12, the day after Veterans day.

We had a great turn out to the event which was organized by Joe Doliver. Many thanks, Joe, for a great job. 
We had lots of Warbirds flying plus food for the spectators.

The Club matched the profit taken in and the proceeds ( $358.00) were then donated to the Cape Coral Military Museum.

For those of you who haven’t been to the museum it is well worth a trip.  It is located just off Cape Coral Parkway on Leonard Street. 
They have items from all the wars, dating back several hundred years, plus a plethora of Warbird model planes hanging all over. The Museum is set in about 30,000 sq. ft. of space.

I thought you, the Club members, should be aware that your Club is pro-active on all types of actions that can help other people.

Keep Your Drone Away from Wildfires

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There are lots of great places to fly your drones, but over or near a wildfire isn’t one of them. In fact, drone operators who interfere with wildfire suppression efforts are subject to civil penalties of up to$27,500 and possible criminal prosecution.

Here’s why it’s important:

Aerial firefighting aircraft, such as airtankers and helicopters, fly at very low altitudes, just a couple hundred feet above the ground and in the same airspace as hobby and recreational drones. This creates the potential for a mid-air collision that could seriously injure or kill wildland firefighters in the air or on the ground.

As a result of unlawful drone operations near fires this year, fire managers have temporarily grounded all aerial firefighting aircraft on several occasions for safety reasons. Shutting down firefighting operations could cause wildfires to become larger and can threaten lives, property, and valuable natural and cultural resources.

The bottom line is “If You Fly, We Can’t.”

Please fly responsibly – keep your drone away from wildfires.

Battery Fire Account

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A few days ago a R/Sea Hawk member had a very bad battery fire in his garage. He wrote a rather detailed account of the
incident and posted it on Helifreak, a prominent helicopter internet forum.

Please view: