Seahawk Park Reopening Safety Plan

R/Seahawk Flying Club

The Cape Coral City Council has approved the reopening of Seahawk Park to R/C aircraft flying pursuant to the Safety Plan detailed below.  It is important to understand that the City Council approved this in a very close vote.  At this point we are the only park in Cape Coral to be allowed to reopen.  We will be monitored closely.  Therefore it is very important that each of us adhere strictly to the following Safety Plan for the duration of the corona virus threat.  If we are lax in our compliance we stand to lose this privilege.  The Safety Plan is as follows:

1.     Flying shall commence no sooner than April 23rd.

2.     If you don’t feel well, don’t go to the field.

3.     Members and guests only will be allowed at the field (No spectators).  Sign to be posted at field entrance.  Spectator control will be done by City officials only.

4.     Maintain strict social distancing at all times! (Face masks recommended)

5.     All plastic chairs will be placed in storage, and the benches in the main pavilion cordoned off.  People must bring their own chairs and take them home each day. 

6.     The foot operated hand wash station will be available like we had before. 

7.     There will be a posted advisory warning at the battery charging station and work tables to avoid contact with public surfaces.  These surfaces will be disinfected periodically.

8.     We can only have a maximum of six people in the vicinity of each pavilion.

9.     When people are waiting for a flight station flyers must exit their aircraft via the side entrances.  No walking near or behind flyers.

10.  Park hours will be only from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  (No night flying).

11.  Membership badges must be worn in plain sight.

We believe that this safety plan will minimize any potential exposure of our members to the virus.  Your full compliance with this Plan is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Best Regards
R/Seahawk Board of Directors