Guest Privilege Rules

Any AMA member, including the Canadian or European equivalent, may visit and fly at our field for up to two weeks under the guidelines given below.

You must obtain a two-week pass through a procedure defined below, involving a competency test.  It is best to pre-arrange a time with us to avoid any confusion.  (See the “Contact Us” section of this website.)

Prior to your competency test, be sure to familiarize yourself with our club safety rules and the field boundaries.  All this information is posted on the bulletin board inside our center shed.

During your competency test, you will be required to demonstrate (to the individual we designate) your ground practices and flying capabilities for the class or type of aircraft you will be flying, for example:  fixed wing, turbine, or helicopter.  Adherence to good safety practices will be equally important during this checkout.

All fixed wing aircraft (other than turbines or any helicopter) can be signed off by a club instructor.  To fly a turbine, you must be signed off by a qualified turbine jet pilot we designate.  Likewise, all guest helicopter pilots must be signed off by a qualified helicopter pilot, who will also be designated for you.

Once you receive it, always either wear your guest pass or keep it in your possession when you fly at our field.

Thank you.