Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When do you fly?
A.  Every day of the year, except when raining or the wind is over 20 mph.

Q.  When is the best time to come and see people fly?
A.  See above! 

Q.  What are the costs of joining the Club?
A.  Club Maintenance Fees are $80.00 per year. Insurance costs about $78.00 per year. All members must be members of the AMA and meet FCC/MAAC requirements. (See our membership page for more information.)

Q.  Are the planes expensive – how much will it cost to get into flying?
A.  One can buy a trainer complete and ready to go for about $250.00, then you must belong to our Club. We will teach you to fly for nothing.

Q.  Where is your airfield?
A.  See the map on our website.  Or Google Seahawk Park.

Q.  When are your airshows?
A.  See the webpage for current dates.