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Club Fields and Other Locations

Seahawk Air Park

The asphalt airstrip is 60′ wide, and 600′ long, with five taxiways. A 40′ by 600′ grass runway runs parallel to the asphalt runway.

There are three pavilions, each housing two assembly tables. Six arming tables. Ten set up tables. Up to four fixed wing planes fly at a time. Night flying is permissible for one hour after sunset on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 

We have a charging station in our center shed capable of handling up to twelve chargers.  The station is 12 volts with a total capacity of 30 amps.

Picnic tables and temporary restrooms are provided. Our parking lot can handle in excess of 75 cars. RVs are welcome, however, there are NO RV hookups on the property.

Helicopter Field with setup structures for RC helicopters

The Helicopter field is a dedicated, unobstructed space for RC helicopters to operate. Two setup pavilions with three assembly tables each provide shade for operators. Two arming tables. Helicopters fly one at a time.

Our helicopter flyers fly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, weather permitting.

Lake for RC Seaplanes

Located at the Air Park the lake shore is sloped to facilitate members to fly RC Seaplanes from the shore.