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Flight Safety Awareness

ALERT! During the past few weeks we have had a few fly over's at the New Blue House off the East End of Runway. In Which one of those flights, the home owner called the Club President. All Pilots MUST stay clear of this HOUSE as it could be Detrimental to our Flying privileges at R/Seahawks Park..We are collaborating with the City to erect some signs for awareness of the flight boundary's

About Us

The Cape Coral R/Sea Hawks, Inc. was incorporated on August 27, 1980.  The primary purpose of the club is to actively promote the construction and flying of all types of radio controlled aircraft.  

The Cape Coral R/Sea Hawks is an AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) sanctioned club, #543.

Self-supporting, non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote development of model aviation as a recognized sport and worthwhile recreation activity.

Our Club averages about 300 members from elementary school age to retired folks. We have an asphalt runway 600 by 60 feet plus a parallel grass runway 600 by 50 feet. We fly all types of planes from turbine jets to gliders. Included also are glow powered, gas powered and electric powered propeller airplanes. We can also fly float planes on adjoining Argosy lake.  We offer a venue to fly radio controlled helicopters. 

Our airpark is owned by the City of Cape Coral Parks and Recreation Department and is located at 1030 NW28th St. in Cape Coral, Florida.  We have enjoyed the use of their park for many decades and thank them for the continued use of their facility.

All pilots must abide by the R/Sea Hawks Constitution & By-Laws, and Flying and Safety Rules which are given to all new members and also are posted on the bulletin board in our main shed and online for viewing, downloading and printing.

We offer free introductory flights with Club equipment to anyone who has an interest in the hobby.  The flights are instructor assisted flights with dual controls to allow you to experience flying risk free.  We also welcome member guests who wish to fly for a maximum of a two week period provided they get checked out by an instructor before they fly. Each guest will be required to show their AMA (or equivalent) card as a requirement to fly at our field.  After the two week period, the visitors are expected to join the Club before they can fly at our field again..

We also offer flight instructions to members who need to learn how to fly or maybe a refresher.