Kids’ Day at CC R/Seahawks Field

Posted by on Dec 31, 2018 in Events

Kids’ Day at CC R/Seahawks Field

The Cape Coral R/SeaHawks Flying Club sponsored a Kids Intro-Pilot day at our flying field on 1 December, 2018.We wish to thank all those who helped out with this event taking their Saturday to volunteer. Special thanks to the Glider Pilots for allowing us to use their flying  day.

Thank you Grayson for getting the teachers and other students to participate in this event.

Even after a slow start, once the planes started to run, the kids and some of the adults who flew, all had a great time.

Thanks to the following members who helped to make this event a success:

Ed Dodson, whose plane crashed with the first group of students, we know you tried. However, it did teach the kids that accidents do happen and airplanes can fly away.

Harry Thompson took several of the kids up with his own glider and plane and the kids were thrilled.

Joe Fannon who is great with kids as well as with adults, took a lot of the kids up flying and they enjoyed it immensely.

Dan Sharpe, thank you for the photos, helping out with the students and best of all, entertaining everyone with that great jet flight.

And of course, thanks to Allen for grilling. Hope we didn’t miss anyone.

We will keep you posted of the next upcoming Intro-Pilot Day.